Friday, November 14, 2008

Movin' on up!!

Well our baby has graduated from a bassinet to a crib. She had not been sleeping well and we noticed one day that she now likes to sleep with her arms out. Her reach had outgrown the bassinet that she has called her bed. We decided to put up the crib. Then a funny thing happened. As soon as we took the bassinet out of the room she got in a super good mood. While I put together the crib she was laughing and smiling like I have never seen her laugh before. We laid her in it and she just kept laughing. It was like she knew what was going on. I think it was just gas but it was super cute. You can see in the picture below that she can now spread out when she sleeps. She loves it. The girls is just awesome. Thanks to Mia and Emma for the crib :o)

Before-in the bassinet. 

Now this is a happy kid.
Hogging the bed like her momma.
And here are just a few cute pics from bath time.

Monday, November 10, 2008

October has been fun.

It has been a while. So where do I begin. October was an eventful month for us. Leilani and Lizeth took a trip to Juarez, Mexico to show off Leilani's cuteness to the falimia. It was a wonderful trip for everyone. Leilani got to meet her mommy's side of the family and got to take pictures with 4 generations of ladies. A lot of the pics below are from the trip that they took. 
I am glad that they enjoyed the trip but I am also glad that they are home. They were missed like crazy.
This month we also moved into our new place in Ontario. It has been great so far. 

This month Leilani got to meet her Aunt Abby. Gordon, she can't wait to meet you too.

4 Generations
Shots from Mexico!!
It was cold the day they left so Leilani got to sport her Jordan beanie. 

Here are some random shots of cuteness for your viewing pleasure.

Ryan, Leilani, and the cousins at Halloween!! 
It was a really fun night. The kids looked super cool. Leilani got a little hot in her costume so she did not make it to picture time as a pumpkin.