Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A fun weekend!!

This weekend was Lizeth's birthday so I decided make it a three day weekend and have some fun. Leilani actually got it off to a good start when she decided it was time for her to be potty trained. She just started to tell us when she had to go and made it the whole long weekend only having one accident. Of corse the only time that she had an accident was the time that she was alone with Papa. We went to disneyland on monday and she did even told us every time she had to go there. It was pretty awesome. It was an awesome birthday present to momma. We love you princess. Keep up the good work!!!

So here are some shots of a fun day at Disneyland. She really had a good time.

We played for a while in the Tarzan tree house together.

This girl loves her ice cream!!

Chillin' with Abuelita

Leilani stomped around with Grandma and Grandpa.

Leilani and Momma sharing a hug!!

She was a little nervous about seeing Mickey.

She got in a silly mood in the Tiki Room. Believe it or not she fell asleep like 2 minutes after this. I think she is saying Papa is number 1.

So I put Leilani on the perfect horse, stapped her down, and she freaked out. She wanted nothing to do with riding on it. Lizeth was on the other side of the marry-go-round not knowing what was going on. So when she went to take a picture it ended up being Grandpa and not Leilani. It was pretty funny. I was sitting on the bench next to granma with Leilani behind him.

Happy Birthday Lizeth!! Thank you Leilani. I love you girls!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Easter 2010 was a fun one for us. We spent it with the Hernandez side of the family. Leilani got to look for eggs and got spoiled by her Abuelita and Tias. We barbecued up some carne-asada and enjoyed each-others company. It really was a great day.

She looked too cute in her little easter dress.

This is her unwrapping the easter basket grandma got her.

She started the hunt in her little dress. Then we decided to changed her into something a little warmer and more comfy.

An Elmo basket and Sponge Bob shaped eggs. I imagine that is what a 1 year old would think heaven is like.

She fell and reached up to me saying, "Hand....Hand" and being the great dad that I am I took a picture. Then I did give her a had eventually.

When there is only one grandkid on that side of the family a kid can end up with a lot of eggs.

We took our eyes off her for two seconds and she found a way to get her basket down from where it was safely stored and make this awesome mess. Love you baby!!

The other day she tried to hide from her mom. This was her great vanishing act.

We made some oatmeal cookies on saturday and I had to snap some pictures. She got so messy. I was proud of her. It was a ton of fun. She loved eating the dough but was not a huge fan of the cookies when they were finished.