Monday, September 14, 2009

A week to remember!!

I got a week off work and we decided it was time to  do something fun. Leilani had never been to Grandma's house in La Selva Beach in the Monterey Bay. We headed on up there and had a wonderful time. It was a lot of fun getting to spend time with Grandma and seeing some other family as well. We got to have lunch and visit a bit with my cousin Tana and her cute little boys. It was fun to see how sweet her son Woody was to Leilani. Both boys are wonderful. We also got a chance to visit with My uncles Ted and Mike and my Aunt Diane. Grandpa Ferd came by on friday and took us out to dinner. He is always fun to be around. Leilani gave him kisses and would point to him when asked "where is Grandpa."  He really got a kick out of it. 
So I have a ton of pictures from the week. These are in no particular order but they are all shots of some of the memories I will always have from this trip. Thank you Grandma for being such a wonderful hostess. It was wonderful to visit with you. Leilani seemed to love you just as much as we do. We love you!!

Leilani walking around on La Selva Beach

I used to play here Dennis the Menace park in Monterey as a kid. It was fun to see her having fun.

The shaky bridge was cool until a grown man decided it would be fun to run across. She lost interest really fast after that. 

Her favorite part of the park was the maze.  She walked in and out of it for a while and loved it.

Every kid has to get there picture in this shell at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

FYI- You are not supposed to take the starfish out of the water. FYI again- daddy took it out and handed it to her. It was not momma's fault. 

I love her in these PJ's.

Grandma and Leilani got along really well. Leilani warmed up to her really fast.

She was really good on the road. I love her feet in this shot!!

There was a tea set at Grandma's house that Leilani fell in love with. It was always fun to see where the cups would end up.

She loved looking at all the "aqua"

Momma and Leilani near where we took our engagement pictures. 

She did a lot of sleeping in the car. This shot cracked me up. 


Enjoying the forest in Grandma's backyard. 

The girls.

It was fun spending a whole week with Leilani and Lizeth. 

Enjoying La Selva!!

Thanks again Grandma. You are Wonderful!!