Monday, November 30, 2009

Time for some new pics!!!!

It has been a little while since I have really posted some pictures of this little girl so I figured tonight I better do it. I have misplaced the charger for my camera but I saw tonight there was just enough juice in it to snap a few shots and put them on my computer. I had the last week off work and really got to spend a lot of time with Leilani and really loved it. Every morning we would get up and make breakfast together. This morning I had to work and Lizeth said that Leilani kept asking for me. She was really bummed not to find me in the kitchen. When I got home she ran and gave me the biggest hug. I feel so lucky to be blessed with such a special little girl.  OK here are a few shots from the last few weeks. 

Bath time is fun. She likes to dip her head underwater and come up with bubbles on her face. 

She loves to help in the kitchen. My goal is to turn all cooking over to her by the time she is 2.

Her hair is so curly. I love it. 

She loves bouncing on this little ball. It is crack up to watch. She will fall off and laugh. 

She now says "please" and can pretty much get whatever she wants.

This is her way of making sure the TV stays tuned to Yo Gabba Gabba!!


Mammy bought this Laker gear for Leilani when she turned 6 months old. It was a little big at the time but perfect now. She loves to put it on and run around. She likes the noise the pant legs make when they brush up against each other. I had to post these before and after shots. Thanks Mammy!! 

6 Months


6 Months and nearly bald!!

Now and Cute and Curly!!

Go Lakers!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


So our little Princess has got a cute little vocabulary now. She can say all of the super important words in life like..... Apple, Thank you, Please, Agua, Papa, Momma, Grandpa,  Chase, Sanana, Mammy, Ball, Wow Wow (dog), and a few others. This picture is her saying Cheese. She is a little chatter box. Only about 1% of it is understandable but 100% of it is cute. We love you Baby!!