Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good times!!

To Kristin, Veronica, Grandma, and everyone I have told I was going to blog I'm sorry it took so long but better late than never. I've got some pics from some fun times we have recently had.

LA Zoo trip. Monty and Kristin got Leilani some zoo tickets for her birthday so we took a trip there and had a great time.

I took a million pictures of animals here but none of them ended up cuter than Leilani.

Leiani loved the hippipotanis...It was actually a pretty awesome animal.

The monkeys were her favorite.

We took a camping trip to Silverwood Lake and had a great time with the family.

I love how she looks when she first wakes up.

She loved the tent. This trip was her first night time sleeping in a tent.

She does the cutest wink. It actually reminds me a lot of one of her other cousins.

Leilani and momma chillin' that night.

We played around in the lake the next day. She loved the water.

Here she is dancing with her cousin. These two little girls are awesome.

I'll get the halloween shots up before Christmas I promise..

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy birthday!! (A month ago)

Ok... I have been slacking. Leilani turned 2 on the 5th of July. Almost a month later I am finally posting pictures. All I can really say about it is we had a really great time with friends and family. It was a lot of fun to chat with everyone and celebrate Leilani's special day. A big thank you to everyone that came an helped make it so much fun.

Leilani loved the gifts from everyone.

Momma did a good job on Leilani's Hello Kitty Cake.

Normally she is a pretty clean eater but she went to town on this cupcake.

Leilani's BFF Elliot enjoyed the cupcakes too. She's too cute.

Leilani trying to get a laugh out of Grandma.

We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house afterwards and Leilani practiced playing momma. Thanks Chloe.

Some Summer Fun

Leilani has been keeping cool in the pool this summer with us. She has finally warmed up to the floaties and does a pretty good job getting around with them. She is is the cutest little thing. I love it when she floats on her back with them on. She loves kicking her feet up in the air.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Family Reunions in Utah and Texas

So the past two weeks have been pretty busy. We went up to The Peterson Family Reunion in Fillmore Utah one weekend. It was a lot of fun to spend the time with everyone that went. Leilani had the time of her life. She ran and ran and ran all day at the park. She wore Papa out.

I was pushing her in the swing and she was having a blast. I wanted to be the cool dad and push her higher like she asked. She went up and flew out from underneath the chain. Luckily Momma was there taking pictures and caught her.

I don't know where she got the energy to play so hard but she loved it.

Nikki was great with Leilani the whole trip. Leilani is lucky to have her as an Aunt.

All the first cousins. Oh, and Grandmother Peterson.

After all that running around she needed a bath. She loves this Elmo towel.

I have been to Fillmore a million times and have never been to the Avalon Theater. We always talk about going to it and never have. It was really cute and fun. My Grandparents saw gone with the wind at it back in the good old day. Shrek 4 may not be such a classic but it was fun.

So this past week we drove to El Paso for the Pina~Armendariz family reunion. It was a lot of fun. We got to meet family we had not met before and see family we had not seen in a long time. Leilani again had the time of her life. She made some new little great friends. She also played for 5 days straight.

The first night the family had a luau. Our tio here has lost a ton of weight. We hardly recognised him when we saw him. He looked great.

Leilani liked her little second cousin Alexis. This girl was a lot of fun.

Leilani enjoyed riding this little horse at Great Grandpa's house.

We swung by and visited with an old coworker and friend of mine. He son is adorable. Thanks for the visit Elvira.
These past weeks have been fun. I'm sad that they are over. Now it is back to reality and the office. Thank you to everyone that helped make these events memorable.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm loving my cake class!!

So the being of this month my mom and I started taking cake decorating classes. The first day they gave us some meterial that we will be using and gave us a list of thing that we need to get. When the class ended I wanted to go and get everthing that was on that list. I am having so much fun with it and enjoying the time with my mom. I have always wanted to do something like this. I am glad that I'm finally getting the opportunity. Thanks Ryan for letting me do this and for watching Leilnai on saturday mornings.

Week #1 - The Clown Cake

Week #2 - Learned to make Flowers

Week #3 - Tres Leches Cake

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

So when I got home from work on wednesday this is what I came home to.

Leilani and Lizeth made a cake for me and did some cute decorating. Leilani was super excited to show me my presents and the cake. She was very helpful to help me blow out the candles.
She loved the cake but not even close to as much as we love her. Lizeth and I went out and had a really nice dinner together too. Thank you girls for a fun & memorable birthday. I love you.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A fun weekend!!

This weekend was Lizeth's birthday so I decided make it a three day weekend and have some fun. Leilani actually got it off to a good start when she decided it was time for her to be potty trained. She just started to tell us when she had to go and made it the whole long weekend only having one accident. Of corse the only time that she had an accident was the time that she was alone with Papa. We went to disneyland on monday and she did even told us every time she had to go there. It was pretty awesome. It was an awesome birthday present to momma. We love you princess. Keep up the good work!!!

So here are some shots of a fun day at Disneyland. She really had a good time.

We played for a while in the Tarzan tree house together.

This girl loves her ice cream!!

Chillin' with Abuelita

Leilani stomped around with Grandma and Grandpa.

Leilani and Momma sharing a hug!!

She was a little nervous about seeing Mickey.

She got in a silly mood in the Tiki Room. Believe it or not she fell asleep like 2 minutes after this. I think she is saying Papa is number 1.

So I put Leilani on the perfect horse, stapped her down, and she freaked out. She wanted nothing to do with riding on it. Lizeth was on the other side of the marry-go-round not knowing what was going on. So when she went to take a picture it ended up being Grandpa and not Leilani. It was pretty funny. I was sitting on the bench next to granma with Leilani behind him.

Happy Birthday Lizeth!! Thank you Leilani. I love you girls!!