Monday, December 28, 2009

Fun stuff!!

If there is any one thing in this world that is going to drive me to drinking it is a show called Yo Gabba Gabba. These very odd characters sing songs that remain stuck in your head for days and days. Hit tunes like "don't bite your friends" and "I like bugs." My daughter has fallen in love with these monsters and as my bid for the national father of the year award continues I will sit and endure it along with her. It helped me capture this precious moment as they sang a song about wiggling and holding still.

Christmas 09

What an awesome time of year. I have been enjoying two weeks off of work and getting to spend time with my ladies. It has been a wonderful vacation and Christmas was wonderful this year. We got to spend some good quality time with family. It really has been nice.
Christmas was a lot more fun this year for Leilani than it was last year. She loved seeing Christmas lights, trying to peek in the bags around the tree at grandmas house, and seeing the christmas cartoons that would come on tv. Her excitement made it fun for Lizeth and me.

Christmas eve we went to my my parents house and had the traditional pizza and rootbeer floats.

Leilani struck a few posses for us in her cute little outfit.

The kids all dressed and did the nativity story. They were cute and really good sports about it.

Leilani was that angry shepherd that you read about in the bible somewhere. She played the part well.

Leilani and Savy in their pj's before we headed home.

She slept well that night. I love it when she sleeps like this. She's got a biggo ghetto monkey booty going on there.

She enjoyed her kitchen set. She picked up the phone right away and begain saying lollo. I'm guessing it is Leilanesse for hello. She actually made me some plastic spaghetti and hot-dogs tonight. Yum!!

She did a good job unwrapping her gifts.

After we had our own little christmas that morning we went to Lizeth's parents place to spend christmas day. They had made tamales so we pigged out on those all day. Leilani was the center of attention there and everyone was super sweet to her. Here she is getting spoiled by grandma.

My mom gave this scarf to Lizeth. She brought it back as a gift from her recent trip to Israel. I thought Leilani looked adorable it in. Thank you mom.

Leilani's dirty little secret....

So we know she is cute..... but did you know that she wakes up in the mornings with an afro??? From the front you can see that it is out of control but it is not until you look at it from behind....

....that you can really tell how wild it is. We love you baby.

Thank you everyone that helped make this such and awesome christmas for our family. We feel blessed to have the wonderful family that we do.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our little cook!!!!

So Leilani loves to help out in the Kitchen. Every Saturday morning I like to make a big breakfast and she is always right there with me pouring, mixing, measuring, ....... you know all that fun stuff. She turns a 15 minute job into a 2 hour project but it is a ton of fun. She loves it. It testsn my patience some times but it really makes for precious memories.
A couple nights ago Lizeth and I were spending time with my inlaws and we got home about 9:30. Leilani was wide awake when we got home and wanted it to be kitchen time. She pointed to the kitchen and then started to point at things. I put a little of it all in her bowl and let her stir it for a while. Then I sat her at the table and let her eat her self created meal. It was a lot of fun.

Here is Leilani mixing her creation.

Gold fish, raisins, and half a cookie. YUM!!

She did eat about half of it. The rest ended up somewhere. I'm not really sure exactly where.

She will fold her arms and close her eyes for pray before meals as long as there is nothing on the table in front of her.

She had a cupcake for dessert tonight. I thought it would a lot messier. As soon as she got any frosting on her hand she would hold it up to me and not rest until I had cleaned it off of her. She will be my little OCD Princess.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Second Try With Santa

So last year was Leilani's first time meeting Santa and it did not go very well. It involved a lot of crying. This year we had higher expectations. She got to meet him at a church activity on friday and it did not go well. It was sad to see her cry but honestly my only regret was not having the batteries in my camera charged. My cell phone bailed me out but it was not as good of a picture as it could have been. We love you Leilani.