Sunday, March 20, 2011


Ok, so I know it has been a very long time since I have posted anything on here. I have so may pictures that I really am not 100% sure where to began. I noticed that the majority of my pictures from the past few months involve Disneyland. I figured I would just grab a few of those and toss them on here. The pictures are in no real order and are from a few different trips over the last few months. She has fallen in love with the place and now asks to go on a daily basis.

We had a great time there with family. Leilani really enjoyed playing with many of her cousins while there. She also loves to get to meet the princess's.

Oh and as a side note our second child is due on June the 14th and it is going to be a boy!! :o)
Leilani is really excited about getting a baby brother.

Alright... Let's see if I can get back to doing this blogging thing on a regular basis.


Monty and Kristin said...

So precious...! I love the pictures!! The three of the girls holding hands...priceless!! Looks like a super fun day and I wish I could have been there. Thanks so much for the pictures!! The blog post...oh and congrats on baby #2!!:) Boys are fun!

Veronica Peterson said...

Thanks Ry for posting. The girls sure did have a lovely time meeting the princess's:)I hope u continue blogging. I need to meet baby Elie.

Veronica Peterson said...
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Caitlin said...

Looks so fun! That's so great that you guys can all go together. I hope all of your kids have a great relationship when they grow up!

Michelle said...

Yay, I blog update!!!! It's sure a fun time and our kiddos are spoiled rotten, but so worth it!! Great pics!

Barbara said...

Beautiful pictures. One of them is my new wallpaper. Thank you so much for this treat! So fun to see Leilana and the rest. She is certainly one of the girls now!